Happily ever after begins now.

A wedding consultation is like a first date.  We begin with a conversation.  We discuss your likes and dislikes.  We talk about what sort of experience you want from your wedding day.  We also talk about the function that your cake serves at the reception.  Do you want a small “cutting cake”, just large enough for the bride and groom to share and for the symbolic cutting of the cake?  Or, do you want a large cake to adhere to tradition while having a delicious dessert for your first dinner as a married couple?   We can also go completely out of the box and have a “cake” made of donuts or macarons.  The point is this:  your wedding cake is totally up to you!  At The Country Bakeress, it is our job and our privilege to bring your vision to life. 

So, come prepared with pictures, pins, and plans for the big day.   We can go as funky or as traditional as you like.  We can incorporate a special family recipe, your favorite brew, or the desert you can never resist.  The design of your cake is the next step.  Do you want simple and elegant, romantic florals, modern geometrics, industrial chic?  At The Country Bakeress, we create delicious cakes inside and out.  The only limit is your imagination. 

Plan to take 1-2 hours for this conversation.  You should also plan to eat some amazing desserts.  At the Country Bakeress, your consultation will include cake options as well as a variety of desserts for you to consider.  We will also discuss the cake contract, payment methods, and how the ordering process works, as well as address any questions you may have.

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